Oakville PC Nomination named in investigation of 407 Data Theft

Monday, May 28, 2018

Recent media reports raise deeply troubling questions about the potentially widespread use of stolen 407 ETR data by Doug Ford’s Conservative Party and suggest a deliberate pattern of voting irregularities at some Conservative nomination meetings. The Oakville PC nomination was named in a request to Elections Ontario to investigate Conservative nominations in Oakville and 11 other ridings.

An Elections Ontario investigation is underway to find out if the stolen data was used by candidates in those ridings to further their campaigns. York Regional Police major fraud squad is also investigating. 

 Highway 407 advised the public that the personal data of 60,000 customers was divulged through an internal theft. 

“It is extremely concerning to hear that the Oakville PC nomination was one of the ridings named in the alleged 407 data theft. Quite frankly, I was shocked,” said Kevin Flynn. “Oakville has a proud tradition of above-board politics by all parties. This is something foreign to the civility of politics in Oakville.” 

“This is not only disturbing to hear that the PC nomination and its outcome could be in question but as an Oakville resident and 407 motorist I’m concerned that Oakville residents personal data may have been compromised,” said candidate Flynn. 

The 407 ETR is offering affected individuals free credit monitoring and identity theft protection services to each impacted customer for one year. A call centre has been set up to answer questions related to the breach. 

Tips for concerned individuals:

  • Oakville residents can contact the 407 ETR call centre to determine whether they are affected by the breach by contacting 1-866-656-4666.
  • 407 ETR has said that it will not be calling affected consumers about the breach. They have said the notifications will be in writing by postal mail. Hang up if someone calls claiming to be from 407 ETR as scammers may try to take advantage of the breach.
  • If you are concerned that your personal data has been used, you can also contact the Privacy Commissioner of Ontario at ipc.on.ca or 416-326-3333.


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