Kevin Flynn Wins Oakville Debate

Friday, May 18, 2018


Last night’s debate at the Oakville Chamber of Commerce confirmed that Kevin Flynn is the only candidate who understands the priorities of the residents of Oakville and is committed to fighting for Oakville. From protecting Deerfield Golf course and the Glenorchy Conservation Area, building the new Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital and ErinOakKids Centre for Treatment and Development - Kevin Flynn has always delivered.

Flynn called for more civility in politics, noting that “this is the worst election I’ve ever been in. It looks way too much like the United States to me. Premier Kathleen Wynne is one of the most decent people I’ve ever met in my life. She has done all of the right things.”  

“This is a turning point in Ontario. This is the election where we decide what our values are and who we are as people. We are a province that attracts people to come and live and work from all over the world,” expressed Flynn. 

Meanwhile Progressive Conservative Candidate Stephen Crawford relied once again on outdated, incorrect and misleading urban myths to cover up for the fact that his party still does not have a plan. He needs to do his research before running. Mr. Crawford would not speak to specifics about the PC plan or explain where they’ll make over $8 billion in cuts. One thing is for sure, Ontario families would be affected first, putting thousands of jobs and the delivery of essential programs at risk.

Strong on facts and policy, Kevin Flynn won last night’s debate. A focus on jobs, education and ensuring progress and prosperity for all is the right plan to move Ontario forward.

“Our unemployment rate at 5.5% is the lowest in 17 years and for the past three years we’ve been below the national average. Oakville’s unemployment rate has trended even better, beating the provincial average. Ontario’s economy is booming – we are a leading destination for foreign direct investment in North America and we are leading the G7 nations when it comes to economic growth. Last year employment increased by 500 new jobs every working day,” said Flynn.  “We are a prosperous province and we need to continue in this direction. We can’t go backwards with a Ford or Horwath government.”